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Our story begins with a team of talented people fresh out of college who loved what they were doing. We started together all in one place and worked as a team to build some compelling websites back when the web was just beginning to take off. Over the years we found ourselves split up from time to time, but we always ended up right back where we started – together, building not only websites but branching out into the trend-setting, cutting-edge technology that is sweeping the IT world today. And this time we are here to stay.

Petracore Design is a more than a technology company. It's an idea that things should be done right, your voice should be heard and service should be a top priority. We love what we do and we want to keep doing it as long as we can. For us, this is an art form - it's an expression of what we can achieve when we focus on core values and embellish with all the bells and whistles. It doesn't matter if you're a government agency, medical professional, big company or small business, we've seen it all over the years and we can meet any challenge you send our way.

Technology still fascinates each of us. It drives us to stay on top of the latest craze while our years of experience keep us firmly grounded in what works and helps us understand what you really want. Working with our partners, we get to focus on our specialties while offering you full featured, cost-effective, rock-solid solutions that will meet and exceed all your expectations. Let us show you what we can do for you.

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Petracore Design
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