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You need to make a statement. Petracore is here to help by providing cutting-edge software solutions to meet all of your rigorous demands. 


You know how to service your customers, and Petracore can provide all the software tools you need to do it flawlessly. 


You are an individual, and so is every one of your customers. Let Petracore design customized software solutions to answer any distinctive requirement.

Extensible, Scalable Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Custom Solutions

The Petracore team has been building custom software applications for over two decades.  By individually tailoring website solutions for you, we ensure that you hold the ability to easily manage your online presence for years to come. The systematic process we use to develop a comprehensive scope of work in order execute projects leveraging the best practices across the industry delivers a successful end result for you every time.


  • Extensible - Petracore software is always designed with your specific needs in mind. You can always expand capabilities as your business needs grow.
  • Scalable - Pretacore gives you the ability to function extraordinarily well in any situation, and to actually take full advantage of it. Use our software to move between any operation system and take full advantage if it’s performance capabilities.
  • Custom Solutions - Petracore software solutions are custom developed for your exacting needs.  We evaluate the best technologies that fit your requirements, then apply our extensive experience to deliver a compelling end product.

Each step of the process builds upon a foundation of excellence ensuring you are happy with the end results and the system delivers on your business goals.

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